Immensely inspired by Brandon Stanton and his creation, HONY,
an 18 yr old amateur photographer will try to capture the reality of life, one photo at a time.

The clock is ticking. Make every second count.


"I’m writing a diary""Oh cool! What is it for?""It’s actually for my boyfriend. I’ll give it to him when I go back to Germany""So what have you written today?""That the people are the best part about travelling"
"I study stick kung fu." 
"Who are you here for?""My sister.""What’s the biggest advice can you give to her in terms of soccer?""You will always fall down. Never give up."
"This isn’t going anywhere, right?" 
"It’s been a hard night.""Really?""Yeah… I forgot it’s new moon tonight. It makes people weird."
"Can I put it up on the internet?""I don’t really look good in photos but alright"
"I believe that the only person every young girl or young boy needs to find their purpose in life is Jesus Christ. Everybody needs a purpose. When I was a teenager, I used to drink and party a lot. I had a friend who got in an accident because someone was drunk in the car and one of them died. He started going to church. He brought me there and that is when I was born again and found my purpose." 
"So what do you do when you’re not busking?""Babysit."